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On Your Mark, Get Set: Winter Greens

2011 January 25
by briannabain

By Brianna Bain

The tale of kale continues – from Sarah’s Warm Salad with Beets and Feta to Marc’s Tuscan Ribollita, it makes another transformational appearance this week.  My access to this dense and nutrient rich leafy green comes in harsh contrast to Marc’s New Hampshire winter wonderland.  No snow, poorly managed farms or hiking out to a green house in frigid temperatures. Instead, my greens were delivered to me unexpectedly on a sunny 72 degree San Diego winter day and at no cost! I almost feel bad mentioning it but it’s true.

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I didn’t so much choose to relay kale, as it much as it chose me by landing on my door step this week.  My friend and fellow foodie Katherine has a small but hardy urban garden that is exploding with greens. With the help of  Urban Plantations, a San Diego local business that provides personalized garden coaching and maintenance, Katherine can barely keep up with the steady stream of  leafy greens, celery, pearl onions, cabbage, beets… and much more. To my pleasant surprise I  have made it onto her garden overflow list. I have no complaints to receiving free, organic and local goods but I knew  it would take some creative  action to make a dent in this giant pile of greens before it had the chance to spoil.  With kale, chard and collards in high season in these parts I am sure there are many of you who are receiving CSA boxes full of the stuff. With that in mind I selected the hardier winter greens from Katherine’s delivery as the starting place for my recipe. I will mix them with some of her pearl onions, flavorful local mushrooms and some of my favorite spices for a warm wintery greens meal.  If you are staring at a pile of unidentified greens in your fridge or  needing to add to your list of ways to prepare kale, then I’ll see you here on Thursday for my completed recipe.