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Weekly Specials: 2.21.11

2011 February 21
by reciperelay

Weekly Specials 2.21.11

Dear RecipeRelay readers!

We want to extend an enormous Thank You to everyone for voting and supporting us in the We Media Pitchit! Challenge.  Voting closed on Friday February 11th, and we are now waiting to find out if RecipeRelay will make it into the finals.  If that happens we will pitch our idea at the We Media NYC conference on April 6th.  We’ll find out by March 1st if we make the cut.  Winners of the We Media Pitchit! Challenge take home $25,000 to develop their idea – keep your fingers crossed for us!  Prize money or no prize money we are always working to make RecipeRelay the best it can be!

RecipeRelay Specials this Week:

  • A change in the Relay: Local Libations will now be an independent relay, going from cocktail to cocktail instead of taking inspiration from the week’s food recipe.  As always, local and seasonal ingredients will still be the stars of the Relay.
  • For this week’s cocktail Andrew States in NYC will be relaying off Friday’s Pommier wine – a sweet San Diego find.
  • On the food front: Zack Luby in Burlington Vermont will be relaying off Katherine Bynon’s delectable Moroccan Bread Pudding.

As we slog through the end of winter and the starting line of spring grows near, we hope RecipeRelay continues to bring warmth and inspiration to your kitchen adventures.

Let’s Relay!
Sarah & Brianna