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On Your Mark Get Set: Shank and Leeks – Foundation to a Fall warming recipe

2011 November 1

By Brianna BainSan Diego, CA – Last week Allison Goodings shared her family inspired Potato and Cheese Perogies. Warm comfort food that fills the cool spaces of your  heart, body and mind on cold autumn days. Sounds good to me! San Diego weather doesn’t really make a huge shift in temperature like in many other places around the county but a change there is and it still does merit a change in eating. Allison’s nostalgic recipe jump started my longing for warm smokey cool weather soup and fresh baked bread.  As the seasons change my tastes buds ache for what is ripe – leeks, broccoli, kale, squash… When I truly started eating more in-tune with the seasons I found a renewed excitement for the fruits and veggies that I could not have in the previous months. A bonus layer to my sometimes challenging efforts to eat in harmony with my surroundings.

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Scanning Allison’s ingredients while wiping a bit of drool from my chin, I selected two flavor ingredients to build upon for my Fall recipe. If am going for a warm smokey soup…  bring on the bacon! I also selected her onion choice but will vary mine slightly by using leeks. One of my favorite elements of soup making is the ability to use a minimal amount of meat to flavor a whole pot. A method I learned early from my Dad and his most wonderful pea soup. I will use a smoked pork shank to give my Fall soup a boost of flavor with out making a meat dense meal.  I picked my shank up  from my local market  Valley Farms -  a family owned and operated grocery store that offers superior meat selection and great price. It is a local favorite for good cuts of meat and the word is that their carne asada is the best in town!!

As I set sail on my soup making journey on this first day of November, the air is cool and the sunlight is amber. There still lingers a slight smell of warmed pumpkins in the air from the long burning jack-o-lanterns from last nights trick-or-treating festivities. These infrequent and welcomed characteristics of a Fall day conjure up thoughts of pumpkins, white beans and dense greens as possible additions to my salty, smokey, leek based soup. Yummm…

See you Thursday – where I will share my delicious cool weather soup -  a Fall warming recipe sure to satisfy!