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Logging in and Posting: Using WordPress Dashboard

Step by step – Logging in and Posting: WP Dashboard

  1. Log in with the guest user name and password on this page (you will be provided with this)
  2. Click “New Post” in the top navigation bar.
  3. Enter your post a title and select relevant categories– categories are on the right side.
  4. Compose your post in the composition window (or paste it from your text editor of choice) You can switch between “visual” and “html” mode using the tabs at the top. HTML mode is much more foolproof, but you should be comfortable with a little code before using it. Visual mode is a “wysiwyg – what you see is what you get” editor which makes laying out posts and image much more obvious.Tagging Your Post
  5. Please tag posts with relevant keywords using the tag box in the right side of the screen. If you start typing a tag, suggestions will appear under the box. Please use the suggestions unless nothing close exists. The most useful tags are the names of companies, brands, and people as well as general subject matter you write about.
  6. Save article as a draft if you want to come back to it later, if it’s ready for review, then hit “submit for review.” Be sure to click Submit for Review if the post is ready for review. If you save it as DRAFT we WILL NOT SEE IT.
  7. Be sure to PUT YOUR NAME in Bold at the top of the post so we know who’s posting it. For example: “By Brianna Bain”. You may also add Draft, Preview, Submita tagline in italics at the end if you like.
  8. You can ignore the other fields not mentioned here.

***Remember – you can preview any post and see what it will look simply by hitting the “preview” button. Please take advantage of this feature!***

Formatting details…

You can make words BOLD or ITALIC, by highlighting them and clicking the little icons on top of the editing fields. You can add hyperlinks by highlighting the text you want linked, clicking the icon that looks like a chain, and entering in the URL you want to link to. Be sure to include plenty of links to your sources, and if possible, related RecipeRelay articles.

Link style: When linking to a specific article on a site, it is common practice to turn the phrase, not just the destination site’s name into a link. For example, if referring to a Civil Eats article that features the world’s top sustainable farming methods, link the entire phrase: “in this Civil Eats article” or at least “Civil Eats article”.