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Submission Sample Guidelines

Hello potential RecipeRelay participant!

Thank you for your interest in joining our growing community of Relayers who share their love of seasonal cooking!  As a guest cook on RecipeRelay you will have the opportunity to publish two guest posts (including one original recipe), showcase local farmers and food artisans in your area, and include a small bio including a link to your own website.

What we need from you:

  • Writing sample: tell us about a cooking experience you have had or about local/seasonal/organic food in your area ( 250 words max).
  • 2  high quality photos of a meal that you have made (one process shot and one shot of the final product).

Email the photos and writing sample to

We look forward to reading your submission and seeing your photos, thank you for your interest in joining the Relay!

Sarah and Brianna

Co-Founders & Editors

Good Food.  Good for You.  Good for the Planet.