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What is the RecipeRelay?

It’s an exercise in food creativity – not a race but a team effort to unlock our culinary imaginations.  We hope to show that a recipe isn’t a prescription that needs to be followed exactly -  a recipe is a route, delicately outlined, waiting for a cook to shape their own path.  We are not professional chefs, we just love cooking and eating food.  Let’s Relay!

In place of a baton, team members of the RecipeRelay will pass a recipe back and forth each week, adapting it and pushing it in a new direction at every exchange, watching how it builds and evolves as the weeks go by.

These are the rules:

  • Be Inspired!  Each recipe must be derived in some way from the previous week’s recipe.
  • Be Creative!  Team members are required to use at least one ingredient or technique from the previous recipe in any manner they choose.
  • Use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Have Fun!

What’s on the menu?

Tuesdays – The RecipeRelay Newsletter delivers seasonal food news far and wide.

Thursdays -  Seasons’ Eatings: the baton is passed, a new recipe is posted.

Every other Friday – Local Libations: organic, local and seasonally inspired cocktails.

We hope you enjoy the Relay!