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Happy Holidays! RecipeRelay’s 2011 Eats & Treats Gift Guide

2011 December 13

Hi everybody!  Welcome to our last post of 2011! It has been a great year for us, and we have so enjoyed working with all our wonderful contributors and fielding comments and questions from our thoughtful and curious RecipeRelay readers. Everyone needs a little time off, and as we barrel towards the holidays juggling jobs and other life obligations, we realized that we needed a break ourselves. So, we’ll be back in January with more Relay food and drinks, but don’t worry – we’re not leaving you empty handed! Be sure to read on for our 2011 Eats & Treats Gift Guide and for a roundup of RecipeRelay Holiday Ready Dishes.

See you in 2012, Happy Holidays!

Sarah & Brianna

RecipeRelay’s 2011 Eats & Treats Gift Guide

Saxelby CheeseIf you’ve got cheese lovers in your life (there’s got to be at least one right?), then check out Saxelby Cheesemongers’ Mailorder Holiday gift boxes.  Filled with delicious American Farmstead cheeses and customizable with other tasty snacks (lavash crackers, caramels, charcuterie, need we say more…), Saxelby has an array of gift boxes, you’re sure to be able to find one to suit your tastes.  Basically it’s a cheese party in a box, who could say no to that?


Off the MenuRecipeRelay friend and contributor Marissa Guggiana recently celebrated the release of her newest cookbook: Off The Menu, a journey through the staff meals of America’s top restaurants.  It’s been getting a lot of love lately from the likes of USA Network and the San Fransisco Chronicle, we thought we’d give it some of our own.  Off the Menu is just the thing to satiate the curiosity of anyone hungering to peek inside the family style meals of restaurant kitchens.

CLICK HERE for the full Eats & Treats Gift Guide.

WindowFarmsFor your green thumbed loved ones (with some DIY flair thrown in), consider giving a Windowfarm – a vertical hydroponic garden for growing food in the windows of your apartment or house.  Installing a Windowfarm is the perfect way to maintain some greens in your winter diet!  It’s also a great tool for teaching kids (and adults) about growing and understanding where it comes from.





Food52We wish we had our own incredible cookbook app to offer but that is still to come, so in the mean time we recommend Food 52′s Holiday Recipe and Survival Guide.  It’s a must for the person in your life whose iPad is as much of a kitchen appliance as the blender or food processor.  Filled with step by step videos and inovative interactive features – this is the first step into the future of cookbooks!



RecipeRelayIn the midst of the crush of holiday madness it is easy to forget that the best gift, and the one that will endure, is the comfort of loving company. Good food and drink can help grease the wheels of any holiday gathering, and we’ve got plenty of food ideas! We may not have a fancy app – but we do have an awesome archive of delicious food and drinks, we encourage you all to dig in and try out some of our recipes. If you come up with new and tasty variations, let us know – that’s what RecipeRelay wants for Christmas!


We hope you enjoy this list of Holiday Ready Meals & Drinks, courtesy of the extended RecipeRelay family:

Holiday Ready Eats

Holiday Ready Drinks

More in our archives, a great place to look for inspiration for any meal!


  • Anonymous

    Hope you both enjoy the holidays! You definitely a deserve a break. And thanks for the gift ideas!

    • sarahamaine

      Thanks Megan! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season too :) We’ll be back in the new year with a new schedule of contributors. Thanks for all the help this year!