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On Your Mark, Get Set: Passing the Goat – Cheese that is!

2011 June 7

by Erin Pagaduan & Gina Sturgeon

Goat-CheeseTime is of the essence for my cousin and I; it is spread thin between kids, work, husbands and a house to uphold, not to mention making “healthy” home cooked meals. Prioritizing time to make good, tasty, healthy food that both adults and children will love can leave us feeling quite weary. When we entered into the Relay we knew we wanted to create a wholesome, fun, family meal to share with everyone but we also knew we were in for an adventure.  Our motivation was to create and cook up some great food, but the challenge was finding the time and energy.

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We are relaying off Kara’s wonderful Quinoa Spaghetti with Beets, Asparagus and Chèvre, a dish that gave us a lot of material to work with. We took Kara’s use of goat cheese, garlic and herbs and turned it into one of our favorite healthy and easy-to-make meals: portabello mushroom and goat cheese pizza! What kid or husband doesn’t like pizza? We also chose this meal because my daughter has sensitivities to gluten. Using the portabello mushrooms as the “crust” turns a bread-dense, gluten-filled meal into an all veg, super yummy mini pizza!

With our recipe decided upon, we rounded up the kids, slathered on the sunscreen and headed out to our local Carlsbad farmers market. To our dismay the market lacked an array of organic produce, so we ended up buying only tomatoes and zucchini along with some sweet strawberries and pucker-y tart kumquats for the kiddos. The lack of organic produce at the market that day led us to finish our shopping over at our local Jimbo’s market for the remainder of our grocery list. Not always an ideal alternative if looking for the best prices, but with three kids in tow and the day nearing it’s end we took the path of least resistance. Jimbo’s offers a thorough selection of organic and local produce, it also offered us the confidence that with one more stop we could get our shopping done and get this meal going before the kids’ bed time.

We will see you back on Thursday for our full recipe including our tales of our royal mushroom pizza making, kid tending, ruckus in the kitchen!

- Erin & Gina

  • Stephanie

    I so understand the kids, husband, house, time juggling, trying to make quality food thing! :)   I am excited to see how one would make crust out of the portabellos. I don’t have the first idea how you will do that. Looking forward to Thursday.

  • Pamela

    I know these two creative gals and I can’t wait to try their recipe. I have given up pizza because of  wheat crust  so I am looking forward to what they have come up with here.

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