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On Your Mark, Get Set: Winding up for Veggie Burgers!

2010 August 17

by Sarah A. Maine

Meat vs VeggiesMy last couple of recipes have been fairly intricate (Spiced Pork Tacos, Stuffed Cabbage), so for my RecipeRelay contribution this week I am stepping back and returning to more basic fare.  Brianna set me up really well this week with her Asian Slaw – a simple recipe which still leaves lots of room for interpretation.  I continue to feel rather militant about using ingredients I already have and think I have the perfect idea for what could finally get me to the bottom of the produce drawers in the fridge: veggie burgers.  I’ll be drawing on a couple of elements from Brianna’s salad – I’ll be bringing in some peanut butter (chunky instead of creamy), grated vegetables, and fresh leafy herbs.

In a way “veggie burger” is a totally meaningless term – there is really no way that a vegetable patty could ever truly resemble its meaty namesake – and why should it?  It’s in a category of it’s own and the range of possibilities is completely open.  There is also a big difference between home-made veggie burgers and the frozen kind you buy at the supermarket.  I recently read an article on comparing the environmental impacts of veggie vs. hamburgers.  Did you know that many processed vegetarian foods are no better for you or the environment than industrially produced meats?  Whether you eat meat or not, the conclusion of the article stresses that the smallest impact comes from choosing local sources that are minimally processed and organically grown.  Depending on where you live it can be hard to hit all three of these bases – I usually try for at least two out of three (sausages and cheeses are my main processed food vices).  My veggie burgers will be home-made with fresh, local, organic produce from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm – a home run!