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On Your Mark, Get Set: Stuff It! Cabbage that is.

2010 August 3

by Sarah A. Maine

This week Brianna’s stuffed poblano peppers really blew me away. They looked amazing – a great use of the grill. I am often envious of  non-apartment dwellers who have things like grills, but those peppers elicited more than envy in me, I was downright covetous. The extra layer of flavor that grilling brings out is something that for now I have to make do without. I am stuck with my apartment kitchen and the oven, stove-top, and broiler that come along with it – but, I make it work!

There are still plenty of fun things I can whip up, so I put my mind to work thinking about a creative “stuffed” dish that I could bring into being. In addition to my kitchen handicap, this week I am adding a self-imposed restriction by focusing on using items that I already have in the fridge, mostly CSA items that have been patiently waiting for their turn on the menu. They will wait no more.

At the top of the “must use” list are zucchini, cabbage, fresh thyme, red onion, and if I can find a way to incorporate them: apricots. I have some ground turkey in my freezer that I would like to use as well. Kind of an odd list, but after checking various cookbooks for ideas about cabbage I have decided to veer away from the Latin inflected path of the last couple of weeks to tackle a more European standard: stuffed cabbage.

I know, stuffed cabbage does not exactly scream “summer”, or “easy”, but I will not let it intimidate me; I have never made it before and I’d like to take up the challenge while putting my own spin on it. I’m not exactly sure how all the pieces will hang together but I want to re-imagine the filling and the sauce while adhering to a traditional cabbage folding technique. If I can get the folding right – then the stuffed cabbage horizon will be wide open!

See you on Thursday with my stuffed cabbage recipe in tow,

  • Katherine Bynon

    I have some of the same ingredients in my fridge right now. I couldn’t think of a thing to make, but instead of throwing them out…I think I will wait and see what you come up with. You ladies are sooooo creative!

    • sarahamaine

      Thanks Katherine, I hope you found today’s recipe helpful! If you don’t want to go to the trouble of stuffing the cabbage you can always shred it and make a stir fry then top with the tomato sauce. Good luck, let us know what you cook up!