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On Your Mark, Get Set: Red Peppers- Frittata to Stir-Fry

2010 September 21

by Brianna Bain

I’ll be honest when I saw that Sarah had pulled the frittata card I was a bit jealous.  I also could not deny my delicious excitement for using it as my muse for this week’s recipe. Frittatas are a personal favorite.  An easy, fun, versatile creation that can hit the spot warm or cold, morning, noon or night.  There aren’t many foods that can embody the dynamic characteristics of the fabulous frittata. Okay maybe quiche, but as a close cousin of the frittata I disqualify it. Besides frittatas can be an extremely healthy food depending on what you put in it. I have always loved to pack as many veggies as I could into my frittatas.   Sometimes I sauté a mix of fresh veggies, crack a single egg over it and sprinkle with  some fresh herbs – a reverse frittata.  It’s so cool how with the same ingredients a meal can carry several identities. Up close, you may scan the ingredients list and think you’re looking at a frittata but, when you back up for the larger picture- BAM! it’s an unfritatta (how very Emril of me!)  I guess you could say it is more like a stir-fry of of sorts than an unfrittata.

Yes, Stir-fry! I love stir-fry, a meal that can give the frittata a run for it’s money. Fast, fun, healthy and relatively easy. It can also be a great remedy to the “I don’t know what to make for diner blues”.  A little veggie, a little chopped garlic, a little oil, some peanuts or chopped cashew, splash of white wine and an egg and Presto! It’s all about the will to try something new.  Good stir-fry doesn’t need all the special sauces you may see in restaurants or packaged foods. It can be fresh and straight forward and still rock your socks!

This week I will put together a stir-fry in honor of the Sarah’s frittata. Using very similar ingredients with the addition of Tetragonia-  an amazingly hardy and rich tasting  leafy vegetable (aka: New Zealand Spinach) that I found at my farmers market.  A true test of recipe variation, taking frittata and turning it into stir-fry. Hopefully it will reach “rock your socks” status!

See you on Thursday!