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On Your Mark, Get Set: More Cabbage!

2010 August 10

by Brianna Bain

Yes, more cabbage! Just when you thought cabbage was boring RecipeRelay swoops in to illuminate all its wonder … If  you haven’t figured it out yet this week’s relay ingredient from Sarah’s Stuffed Cabbage is….. CABBAGE!

Growing up, cabbage was in this strange category of food that I never fully understood to be  totally edible. Sort of like a pretty bush or decorative grass, it always seemed to be used as a plasticky looking garnish or fancy presentation substrate cradling the main dish;  used much like kale and parsley ( also under rated… but I will leave that discussion for another day). Cabbage always seemed to be presented in a borderline unappealing fashion, never calling for me to actually eat it. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens  that I began to appreciate cabbage. It started with  the purple variety which I added it to my salads for a it’s touch of color, a pleasant slightly sweet taste and deep crunch. As I rounded the cabbage corner from garnish to salad topping I dipped my toes into the waters of making cabbage the centerpiece of a meal. What surfaced was a love for cabbage based soups and crunchy slaws that push the envelope on what I had previously categorized as  a staple of “gross cafeteria food”.

Leaving images of my elementary school’s frightening cafeteria food behind, I headed out to find myself some good lookin’ cabbages. I have had some difficulty in locating and purchasing organic or local cabbages in the past and it is my experience that the  best place to buy them are from my local farmers market. I have not yet found a better looking, tasting or priced cabbage at a grocery store.  I purchased this week’s cabbages from Suzie’s Farm stand at the Hillcrest Farmers Market for 2$ a head. When I saw they had both green and red available my cerebral recipe data base started  a query and landed on one of my most favorite cabbage creations- a spin on traditional coleslaw with a peanutty kick. I gathered the remaining ingredients- cilantro, red pepper, carrots and scallions which I was  able to pluck from a variety of local farm stands and my weekly CSA box.

Cabbage rarely receives the respect it fully deserves. This week with the help of Sarah’s Stuffed Cabbage creation,  I hope to either reinstate or ignite a new passion for the awesomely underrated cabbage!

See you Thursday for tasty Cabbage Slaw!