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On your Mark Get Set: MEATing in the Middle

2010 July 27

by Brianna Bain

This week I am relaying off of Sarah’s reintroduction of meat with her spicy pork tacos; a welcome excuse to explore San Diego for a new sustainable meat source.  Local choices for sourcing sustainable meats are growing  in number  as  consumers  are increasingly becoming more interested in knowing where their meat comes from, how the animal was treated and the health benefits of grassed fed and farm raised options.  Limiting factors  come into play depending on what you are in the mood for and the level of sustainability you are hoping to reach. My desired meat characteristics: California raised, California processed, grass fed and/or organic.  My search resulted in new location for me, Homegrown Meats in La Jolla, Ca. Committed to providing products that are healthy, environmentally sensible, humane and incredibly tasty, Homegrown Meats serves up in a  contemporary but old school butcher style shop.

Inspired by Sarah’s south of the border theme from last week’s tacos, images of spicy stuffed peppers and sweet  summery salsa began to take shape.  I headed out specifically looking for sausage to start my journey in creating a spicy sweet melange of flavor.  I chose sausage because of it’s versatility and ease in preparation; a great starting place for building any meal. There was a tempting array of choices at Homegrown,  thinking there might be only pork options I was pleased to find sausages made of a mixture of both pork and beef, also available in “hot” or “sweet”.   Unable to select one over the other I took two of each, bringing all  these flavors to delightful  MEATing in the middle.

I then hit my local Farmers Market where I found  sweet yellow peaches, some unusual mystery peppers (calling all pepper connoisseur) and an aromatic bunch of chocolate mint.  A combo that screams summertime salsa, a perfect complement to my sausage finds and Mexican themed persuasion.

Check back on Thursday to see what emerges from my sweet and spicy ingredients!