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On Your Mark, Get Set: Goat Expectations!

2010 July 13

by Brianna Bain

I try to stop by a farmers market once a  week  to supplement my CSA share and to find inspiration for my kitchen creations but this week unfolded differently.  I initially had grand visions of stuffed peppers or onions with a goat masala mixture ….. but my tighter  schedule forced my visions to take a new course. This is one of those weeks where convenience, ecology and health were in a balancing act that had me standing on one foot.

Sarah’s recipe tapped one of my greatest weaknesses: goat cheese. It’s taste is what initially hooked me,  but my love grew when I learned that goat cheese has both ecological and health benefits while being very yummy!  Goats occupy less grazing space than cows, the milk is  more easily digested, it contains lower levels of lactose for those who have trouble with eating cheese and has a higher calcium content than cow’s milk.

Basically If I could be a cheese it would be goat!

Most of California’s goat cheese is farmed and produced in Northern California, there are a few  producers in the  San Diego area but so far their products have been hard to get. Faced with this issue I may go with my usual goat cheese from Trader Joe’s, sourced from Sonoma, California.

Taking a scan of my kitchen, I’m feeling a pizza coming on.

Reasons for this pizza epiphany:
1. I have basil, basil, and basil. I love pesto pizza, not to mention goat cheese + pesto= awesome.
2. Pizza is easy, fast, fun and extremely adaptable, a great way to use up veggies in a different way.
3. You can eat it with your hands. Bonus!
4. I have spent the last few days at my Dad’s which has brought back memories of when we used to make pizza together.  My Dad loves to cook  and has always had a magical way of sharing his knowledge in the kitchen. So this week’s recipe is dedicated to my Dad in honor of his gift  in the kitchen and how it has inspired me.

So get ready for a homemade pizza, no cook books this time, just good old fashioned family intuition sprinkled with Goat cheese of course!

See you Thursday!

- Brianna

  • Eugenie Maine

    Looking forward to Thursday-we will be at Sarah’s in NYC so hope to try out the recipe.

  • briannabain

    Hope this recipe proves to be as much fun in the kitchen as the Ratatorte was for you and the fam.

  • Jordan

    As Sarah can attest, I totally called this one! I knew that goat cheese would be the relay food. I suggest a new game: guess the relay food!