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A Very Mushroomy Christmas from RecipeRelay!

2010 December 21

Christmas Wreath

Hello RecipeRelay readers!

Welcome to the last weeks of 2010 and our last post of the year!  We’ll be back on January 4th after a brief hiatus to rejuvenate both ourselves and the website.  While we won’t be posting on our regular schedule we will still be working on RecipeRelay, making adjustments to the site to make it more efficient and designing new features that we would like to bring you in the new year.

To make up for this short week we are bringing you two awesome recipes today!  Brianna and Sarah each relayed off the mushrooms in last week’s Mushroom Miso Survival of the Fittest Soup.  To add an extra challenge we each decided to make variations of the Mushroom Mousse recipe from the Joy of Cooking (pg. 309).  Below you will find two creative ways to bring magnificent mushrooms into your holiday dinners.

Mushroom Mousse - Plan B

Brianna's Mushroom Mousse - Plan B

Mushroom Mousse Appetizer

Sarah's Mushroom Mousse Appetizer

Be sure to check out both recipes – Sarah & Brianna had very different cooking adventures this week!  You can find the whole season of RecipeRelay meals on our Recipes page. And don’t forget about our excellent Cocktails, they’ll brighten up any holiday gathering!

Here are some things that we are working on bringing to RecipeRelay in 2011:

  • Local food guides from around the country.
  • Guest Relay cooks from different regions once a month (or more!!).
  • RecipeRelay videos – inside our fabulous recipes & basic how to’s of seasonal and local eating.
  • Home to Homestead column – a series tracking the progress of Brianna’s lawn as it transforms into a food producing power house.

We love what we do and we love sharing it with all of you.  Our goal is to keep making RecipeRelay better, more interactive and more engaging for all of our fantastic readers.  We look forward to seeing you in 2011, recharged and ready to tackle a whole new season of RecipeRelay deliciousness!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
Sarah, Brianna and the RecipeRelay team!