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Measuring the Distance: RecipeRelay So Far!

2010 October 18
by sarahamaine

by Brianna Bain & Sarah Maine


Dear Friends of RecipeRelay,

When we started RecipeRelay in June, we had no way of knowing how it would unfold over the course of the first 6 months.  We wanted to initiate a bi-coastal conversation that would help us and others explore the issues of local and seasonal eating in different regions, while having fun and making delicious healthy food.  We have been cooking and writing for a little over 4 months now and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the journey so far, and to thank you all for reading and supporting RecipeRelay.  The only thing we could predict with any certainty was that in December we would have 24 recipes under our belts; we took the plunge and kept our fingers crossed that we would successfully spread our enthusiasm for local and seasonal eating.  We now have readers all over the globe, a growing following on Facebook and Twitter, and reports are coming in from readers who have used our recipes as launchpads for their own kitchen adventures.  For us, the experience has been unexpected and gratifying in so many ways, we are very proud of the content we have produced and are we’re looking forward to adding more every week.

Here are a few exciting developments since the inception of RecipeRelay:

  • We moved from a WordPress site to our own domain:
  • We added cocktail contributors: Kat Durant in San Diego, Andrew States and Han Shan in New York. They take turns bringing us delicious libations every Friday, extending the bi-coastal Relay even further.
  • We have created easy to locate Shopping Lists for each recipe.
  • We added a Pantry page to the website where we list all the staple items we like to keep on hand in our kitchens.
  • We’ve addressed numerous personal sustainability issues such as how to find reliable sources of organic herbs and spices, the difficulties of finding pasture raised chickens in New York City, and how to make a gluten free Moussaka.
  • So far we have posted 17 different recipes, drawing on each other for inspiration, and on our local food systems for our ingredients.
  • In November we will welcome our first guest to the Main Dish Relay: Allison Radecki will be contributing her culinary and epistolary creativity – we are very much looking forward to it!
  • Most importantly – we’ve been having fun every step of the way!

Going forward, we have many ideas for developing RecipeRelay (both online and off) and we can’t do any of it without you.  We need to know what you think!  What would you like to see more of, and less of on RecipeRelay?  What have we been missing that you feel we need to address?  What should we focus on after we finish the Main Dish Relay in December?  Side Dishes?  Dessert?  You tell us!  Feel free to email us anytime at and to leave questions, stories, and recipes in the comments section of any of our posts, we’ll respond to each one as promptly as possible.

At the core of RecipeRelay is the goal of expanding the discussion about the practicality of seasonal and local eating.  We also want to spread the joyful message of recipe adaptation, especially in a seasonal context, and to continuously help our readers find their innate culinary genius.  To help us with this please tell all your friends about RecipeRelay – ALL of them.  Seriously.  They’ll thank you for it!  And so will we.

Let’s Relay!
Sarah & Brianna