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On your Mark, Get Set: Lunch with Permaculture

2010 November 30

by Brianna Bain

I am hot off the press of a passion reaffirming, sustainable lifestyle adventure. Two weeks steeping in permaculture design in a 72 hour design course embedded Punta Mona’s experiential based education program:  I was living on an 85 acre, off grid organic farm – complete with hot showers,  commercial sized kitchen and  clean composting toilets! While not the image of a dream lifestyle for everyone, it is an extreme example of having a very intimate relationship with our natural world, a relationship that I believe we cannot afford to maintain at it’s current and familiar long distance status. This course intellectually harnessed the dynamic systems of our earth and put them into a language that powerfully communicated  the abundance of evidence for the simplicity behind living a life in harmony with nature. Understanding basic principles  and the elements of the Earth is invaluable information for  a myriad of reasons and is THE jumping off point to building a sustainable future for all.

Permaculture is an approach to designing how we interact with our environment, using natural ecological systems as a muse for creating balanced lifestyles. Food and energy are at the core of permaculture and the kitchen is recognized  as the heart of the home; it is the starting point of every  good permaculture design project.  As just one of the many intersections between man and Earth, food is the most pivotal leverage point  for shifting toward a sustainable future.  Changing the way we farm, the way we purchase  and the way we eat holds the potential of exponentially positive change  that could ignite a chain of events that would effect our global and local economies, environment, health care systems, community, nutrition, and overall well being of all of Earth’s inhabitants. This change would come from all directions,  from the top down to the bottom up as food is woven throughout all of our systems, big and small. Attending this permaculture design course helped me to contour and more clearly define my passion for inspiring others to explore the amazing world of food. It is this potential  that keeps my engines roaring as I hold the vision of a world where no one goes hungry, farming is a financially secure career choice, there is no such thing as having to choose between affordability or health in buying food because all food is farmed locally, sustainably, using the best practices for the health of our bodies and the Earth.

It is with this image held firmly in my heart and mind that I eagerly and with great enthusiasm hope to inspire you each week via  the adventures in my kitchen, as I navigate living in greater harmony with my natural world through food. Please join me on Thursday as I present a meal made with my friends at Punta Mona, as they opened their kitchen to RecipeRelay to share lunch on the farm with all of us. This week’s recipe is a special edition of of RecipeRelay, be prepared for a little something different: a tasty treat from the warm tropical forests of  South East Costa Rica.

  • Barbara

    Over here in cold snowy Michigan, your new recipe and vivid descriptions of life off the grid in Costa Rica sound so alluring. This approach to eating and sustainable living would revolutionize the lives of many people in this part of the country. I hope folks in southwestern Michigan are able to get RecipeRelay. Can’t wait to try this delightful creation when we get back. Thank you for all you give through your thoughtful dedicated work! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    • briannabain

      Thanks for reading Barbara, I am so glad you are enjoying the recipes. Looking forward to seeing you soon and sharing about my amazing trip! Be sure to share with us how your version of the spring rolls turn out. Safe travels!