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Local Libations: The Sons of Liberty Spirits Company and the Nor’ Easter

2012 January 27

By Sarah A. MaineUprising American WhiskeySouth Kingstown, RI – Before Christmas my mother made a fun discovery at the South Kingstown winter farmers’ market which is held indoors at the Peace Dale Mills from November to April.  Like many towns in the American Northeast, Peace Dale was once buzzing with manufacturing activity, the Peace Dale Mills complex is one of a number of relics leftover from this period.  In an effort to revitalize the community, many of the old industrial buildings are being converted into work spaces for small businesses.  An unexpected newcomer to the space is the Sons of Liberty Spirits Company.  On market days, Sons of Liberty opens the doors to their tasting rooms to market shoppers, hence my mother’s part in this story – always curious about new happenings in her town, she happily investigated their operation and reported back to me.  The next time I visited my parents we made a point to stop  by and get the full low down on this new enterprise.

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The Sons of Liberty Spirits Company has staked out a unique corner for themselves in the whiskey world – they want to start a whiskey revolution from the ground up, starting with the very first part of the distilling process.  A little known fact fuels their quest – all whiskeys start as beer, but most whiskeys are made from a flavorless brew.  Not so with Uprising – the first Sons of Liberty release – which starts its journey as a robust stout derived from a combination of four roasted grains.  A key component of the mix is a floor malted grain, which delivers a biscuity character and the darker flavors that make up the backbone of the whiskey.

Every part of the production process is done on site in Peace Dale, from brewing to bottling and labeling.  In fact I interrupted the labeling line with my visit, but  Mike, Chris and Brian graciously organized an impromptu tasting of the new batch of Uprising.  They also shared the signature Uprising cocktail, a playful twist on the Dark and Stormy that they are calling the Nor’ Easter.

As they prepare to release the second batch of Uprising, the crew at Sons of Liberty are starting to experiment with seasonal whiskeys – keep an eye out for a hopped variety in the spring and a summer style incorporating citrus and spice – marked departures from the conventional realm of American whiskey.

The Nor’ Easter

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Yield: 1 serving


  • 2oz Uprising American Whiskey
  • 10 oz. Barritt’s ginger beer
  • 1 dash bitters
  • A large handful of ice


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice.
  2. Add the whiskey, followed by the ginger beer and bitters.
  3. Stir and serve!

You can check out the website for information on where to buy Uprising, it’s currently only available in Rhode Island but they hope to expand to Massachusetts soon.

The Nor' Easter

  • ONeilspkg

    Being a local retailer here in the community we couldn’t wait to support our friends at Sons of Liberty… We have sold ALOT of their first offering with many repeat customers… so you know that the product in the bottle really is special… Which is great news for all of us… Not being much of a Whiskey drinker myself I was reluctant to try it.. but I must say I was out one night and decided to give the Nor’easter a try and was really happy… It converted this Beer and Wine drinker… the drink is very refreshing.. can’t wait til summer… it’s going to be perfect…

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