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Local Libations: Lavender Grove – A Gin Cocktail

2012 February 24

By Kat Durant

Lavender Grove ingredientsSan Diego, CA – In the spirit (haha! Buh’dum-bump chuu – “Spirit” get it…) of RecipeRelay and Local Libations I went all out on my local ingredients for this week’s cocktail. Now don’t get me wrong I usually go all out but this week seems a bit more special with my very local selection of gin – a selection I am tying to Pete’s Righteous Lion by way of  beer turned to some righteous spirits. A bit of a reach but it is still a Relay after-all. I have been wanting to try this particular gin since I heard that one of my favorite local San Diego beer brewers, Ballast Point was going to start making it. It was love at first sip of their Sea Serpent brew – one of the tastiest and richest stouts I’ve  have ever had.  I have also had the opportunity to try Sea Serpent after being aged in bourbon barrels, a perk of a small brewery’s creative play. The flavor is intense and boozy, frankly  it’s amazing. It was not a stretch for me to imagine that these guys would know how to still up some good spirits. Old Grove Gin is it’s name and cocktail fun is the name of the game!

CLICK HERE for the full post and recipe.

While my focus for this drink was on the alcohol I didn’t stray far from the foundations of Pete’s  Righteous Lion. Fresh citrus juice and an infused simple syrup combined with gin for a fresh tart and slightly floral Spring sipper.

The lemon is from my first (and only) lemon tree that produced a whopping 3 lemons. I gleefully and graciously selected my 1 lemon for this drink. The lavender on the other hand grows in my garden like a weed – a pleasant one it is, but prolific! It is always my most favorite when I can pop out my backdoor and go shopping in the yard for all my cocktail fixings.

The aroma of this drink is subtle and clean, the scent of lavender makes you feel relaxed before you’ve even had a sip. It’s very light and fresh making for a perfect Summer drink too (it is kinda summer here all the time!). This drink has a real earthiness about it, the mixing of the juniper berries from the gin and the lavender herb infused syrup  hint at a tinge of  earthy spice.  Avoiding too sweet, I added a splash of seltzer to mellow the mix, also making it bubbly and cheerful!  Surprisingly the 1/2 of a lemon is hardly noticed but makes the cocktail bright. All and all a very down-able gin cocktail and a very impressive gin from the beer capital of the USACheers to Ballast Point Old Grove Gin!

Lavender Grove

Prep time: 5 minutes with prepared simple syrup, ~30-40 minutes without

Tools: shaker, oz glass, knife, sauce pan, strainer, lemon juicer step

Yield: 1


  • 2 oz. Old Grove Gin
  • 1 oz Lavender infused simple syrup (see recipe link below)
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 oz seltzer water


  1. Prepare simple syrup using  this recipe but add some lavender (a little goes along way) and then strain it before use
  2. In shaker filled with ice, add gin, simple syrup and and lemon – Shake!
  3. Pour in glass and add seltzer water
  4. Garnish with lemon slice and lavender sprig
  5. Cheers!


Lavender Grove