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Happy New Year from RecipeRelay! Local Libations: Heaven Eleven

2010 December 30

by Kat Durant, photos by Matt Robinson

The end of 2010 brought torrential rains to Southern California – nearly ten inches in the last two weeks!  The landscape is bright and green, saturated in color, especially the citrus trees that are bearing fruit in yards and gardens all over the place.  Their branches are literally dripping with clusters of tangerines, oranges, lemons and limes.  This wealth of citrus at my fingertips was calling out to me – so I took the bait and put together a cocktail. We couldn’t resist sharing it with you just in time for the New Year, we hope you enjoy the Heaven Eleven.

New Year’s Eve always calls for champagne and when you need to serve a large crowd the best thing to do is whip up some punch, leaving you free to mingle instead of tied up at the bar all night.  This punch is exceptionally easy and tasty.  I used Cook’s champagne from Madeira California and  Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur which contains syrup made from crystallized ginger, cognac, neutral spirit, orange blossom honey, and vanilla.  It has a bit of a bite; it’s flavor is both sweet and spicy, just the way I’m hoping the new year will treat me!  If you don’t have any Canton Liqueur you can always use an ginger infused simple syrup. Using the simple syrup would also lessen the amount of alcohol in the punch.  Click here to make our own simple syrup.

I made an ice float with oranges from my sister’s orange tree to add a bit of flavor and a lot of color. The ice float is good because it keeps the punch chilled without diluting the flavor too much. I also chilled the lime juice, champagne and Canton before I made the punch.  The flavor of the oranges in the ice doesn’t come out until the end of the punch, by that point your guests might think they are drinking a completely different punch!

Heaven Eleven

Prep time: 5 hours for ice float, 5 minutes for punch

Tools: Punch Bowl, knife, champagne glasses, citrus juicer, small plastic container to make ice float.


  • 3/4 cup Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
  • 1.75 ml champagne
  • 2 oranges
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice

Cooking Directions

  1. Slice the oranges thinly.
  2. Fill a plastic container half way with water.
  3. Pack as many orange slices as you can into the container.
  4. Freeze for 5 hours.
  5. Juice the limes and place the juice in the fridge to chill along with the Canton Liqueur and champagne.
  6. Place the frozen orange float in a punch bowl.
  7. Add 3/4 cup of Canton to the punch bowl.
  8. Add 1/4 cup of lime juice to the punch bowl .
  9. Pour an entire bottle of champagne into the punch bowl.
  10. Serve in champagne glasses and ring in the New Year!

See you back on the regular RecipeRelay schedule in January.  Happy 2011!!