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Here comes Another Great Year on RecipeRelay!

2012 January 10

Happy-New-YearHappy New Year Relayers!

We have missed you all and hope that you missed us as well.  We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our contributors and readers who helped make 2011 such an exciting year for RecipeRelay.  We are back in the saddle after a few much needed weeks of rest and rejuvenation – a little radio silence can do wonders to focus the mind and the stomach!  But our little breather wasn’t all fun and games, we also took advantage of this time to evaluate the happenings on RecipeRelay over the course of 2011 and to think about how we can keep things spicy for the year ahead.

Post-holiday inertia can sometimes be hard to break out of, but it must be done!  Sarah Maine will be leading the way in 2012 – look for the first recipe of the year on Thursday January 19th.  In the mean time, here are some new things to look forward to:

  • New posting schedule – in order to ease some of the work load on ourselves and our contributors we’ll be consolidating the two food posts into one weekly post – complete with seasonal food stimuli and the usual delicious recipe.  Our tasty Relay results will go live every Thursday.
  • Local Libations – our seasonal drink Relay will switch to a bi-weekly publishing schedule.  Every other Friday we’ll post another one of our all too drinkable seasonal cocktails.
  • Special Community Events – our mission at RecipeRelay is to share seasonal recipes and the stories behind them, so far we have done this mostly online, an activity that has been rewarding in countless ways.  This year, in addition to our flagship online Relay, we are going to experiment with applying the Relay format in some off-line situations, such as at farmers markets and dinner parties.  Stay tuned for news of how you can participate in a RecipeRelay Community Event!
  • RecipeRelay Newsletter – we know that you love getting RecipeRelay delivered straight to your inbox so we’ve hatched a plan to streamline our subscription system.  A weekly newsletter will re-cap all the news from the week before, and let you know what is coming down the pike.  Don’t worry – if you are already a subscriber you don’t have to do anything, starting next week you’ll automatically receive the RecipeRelay newsletter every Monday.  You can just sit back and wait for the good food news to arrive.

As always we love to hear from readers so don’t hold back – if there’s something you think is missing from RecipeRelay just tell us!  You can leave a comment or send an using the contact form.

We can’t wait to get started and make this a delectable and fun year for everyone, so without further ado let’s get Relaying!

Brianna & Sarah




  • Stephanie Tickner

    I look forward to tomorrow’s recipe. It will be great to get back into the Relay again.