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At the Starting Line – Welcome!

2010 May 28
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by briannabain

by Brianna Bain & Sarah A. Maine

Hello everyone! Welcome to Recipe Relay, we are so happy that you stopped by!  You may be wondering what is going to happen on this site, so let me tell you a little bit about it.  Recipe Relay is an interactive cooking relay created by Sarah Maine and Brianna Bain.  In the spirit of adventure and experimentation in the kitchen we will spend the next six months passing one recipe back and forth every week, adapting it at each handoff.

Recipe Relay is the forum where we will be posting about our experiences and our resulting recipes, you can see more about the guidelines we have set for ourselves here.  We are looking forward to how the journey develops and we hope you will continue to check with us along the way.  To receive Recipe Relay directly in your inbox, click the button to the right.

The relay is being launched from a tried and true platform – The Joy of Cooking, a venerable classic beloved by many and familiar to all.  This relay is the Main Dish Relay – each recipe that we post will be for a main dish only, although we may include suggestions for sides and further variations.

We chose a recipe after a thoroughly unscientific process of leafing through the JoC and thinking about what we like to eat.  Then we flipped a coin to see who would start (since we live on opposite coasts, we did this via video chat).  Brianna called heads but it came up tails so Sarah is on deck for the first leg.  She’s off and running!

  • Val

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to try the recipes myself. I love the pictures of food and am looking forward to being able to see the final products!!