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On Your Mark, Get Set: Heirloom Meals and Garlic Scapes

2011 July 5

By Carole Murko


Freshly harvested Garlic Scapes and Eggs

I am thrilled to be relaying off Lauren’s Best Burgers with Scape Aioli, and thank you Lauren – you gave me a TON to relay off of!  I decided to borrow a little from everything and offer two re-imagined heirloom recipes for a simple summer BBQ.

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First up -  I am using garlic scapes because I recently  harvested about forty of them out of my garden.  I’ve been grilling them and making dip out of them but as an heirloom meal junkie I thought I’d update my mom and Nana’s classic potato salad recipe by adding some garlic scapes.

In the Northeast, our grilling season is very short so I  definitely want to grill something.   I loved Lauren’s brisket burgers and thought I would stick with both the grill and the beef for the Relay. I want to do a cut of beef that is as affordable as burgers, so I thought flank steak.  My mom and Nana used flank steak and London broil all the time as an alternatives to burgers; they would usually make a marinade but I decided that a rub would be faster and easier with my busy schedule.  I buy my meats from a local butcher and always buy grass-fed organic beef.  I also raise my own beef but we harvest our cattle in the fall so I don’t have a cut of flank steak in my freezer at this time!

I am a big advocate of eating local, in-season ingredients.  I also firmly believe that a home cooked meal beats going out any time.

Check back on Thursday for the finished flank steak and potato salad recipes.  Happy Eating everyone!!

Carole hosts  Heirloom Meals Radio where she shares treasured family recipes, stories and tips…savoring yesterday’s traditions today.  She also blogs daily and is shooting an Heirloom Thanksgiving Special for PBS to air November 2011.

  • Lauren

    Sounds amazing Carole!  Can’t wait to see the full recipe on Thursday :)