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On Your Mark, Get Set: Fruits of Winter!

2011 January 4

by Brianna Bain


Happy New Year – Welcome to 2011 and a fresh season of RecipeRelay! Thank you for being here and starting your year with us!  After a brief  holiday break from the Relay I am rested and fully charged, excited to jump right back into the adventures of creating  tasty, healthy, seasonal, local and organic food.

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Winter in San Diego is like a dream- bright, green, and  a cool 65 degrees. Jeweled fruits and rich greens are abundant throughout the counties’  diverse micro climates; with the recent additional rain fall the plants are looking extra happy. I am  kicking off the Relay by turning to my neighborhood to harvest some local goods. Living in Southern California affords me the luxury of being invited into my friends’ backyard orchards and gardens to help them keep up with their floods of produce. In preparing for the Winter Relay, I accepted all invitations to relieve bowed branches  and tightly packed rows of greens -loading up on pomegranate, pear, tangerines, arugula, kale, chard, romaine and butter lettuce – a great way to start the season!

This week I will use my neighborhood’s winter harvest as the guide for creating a fresh and bright meal that displays the beauty of this delightful season in San Diego. Check back on Thursday for my fruits of winter salad recipe and be sure stay tuned for another great season of RecipeRelay!