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On Your Mark, Get Set: Custard Comfort

2011 December 6

By Brianna Bain

San Diego, CA – Last week Sarah’s  Inside-out Squash Pie had me at herbed custard filling! I love squash but this time of year with hibernation tendencies in full swing, it is the creamy warm and savory characteristics of a custard filling that seems all too right! I also love using food as its own shell or serving piece. Filling food that already has its own crust with more fabulous food, for a complete meal, can never be too much of a good thing. So this week I attempt this same double-y goodness, with a custard of my own in a different kind of veggie shell.

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One of my favorite veggies to stuff are mushrooms. Big disk-like portabellas is what I’ll use. In the past I have used these as mini pizza crusts much like Gina and Erin did for their Portobello Cap Pizza earlier this year on the Relay. But instead of loading it up like a pizza I will pour a custard-y goodness into the center and bake it to perfection.

With cooler temps in the area we now have an abundance of fresh local greens. I hope to get my hands on some dense New Zealand or Bordeaux  spinach for a mixture of mushroom, milk, cheese and egg to pour into my mushroom cap.

Sarah’s addition of caramelized onions and fresh herbs are also enticing and may find their way into my dish as well. But the Relay is still in process, an element that I take real joy in – I can always change things up at the last minute. Changing the course of the Relay and giving this game it’s true flavor of creative challenge.

Stay tuned, I will return on Thursday with a dose of double goodness – food inside of food – baked to heavenly-ness for a wintery hibernacious treat that will keep you warm and satisfied on those cool December days.

See you soon!