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Local Libations: Beer Week San Diego

2010 November 12

by Kat Durant

San Diego Beer Week

It’s Beer Week in San Diego this week, a ten day county-wide beer festival showcasing local craft beers, breweries.  Restaurants and bars all over town are participating in tons of fun events celebrating our vibrant beer community.  I thought that a beer would serve as an earthy accompaniment to Sarah’s Cauliflower and Sage Soufflé so I headed out to sample some of the local fare.

San Diego is developing a reputation as a beer destination, especially for aficionados of double and triple IPA’s, a specialty of the Port Brewing Company.  Keen to explore Belgian style beer-making, Port launched a sister company, the Lost Abbey Brewery, which produces year-round and seasonal Belgian style beers.  I went to the Neighborhood where they were featuring a series of brews made by Lost Abbey.  The first thing I tasted was an amazing blended beer: the Deliverance.  Part Serpent’s Stout, a bourbon barrel aged stout, and part Angel’s Share, a whiskey barrel aged ale, it is not for the faint of heart.  The blend has a  strong coffee taste which helps to balance the high alcohol content (12.5%), leaving you with a malty, chocolaty, boozy feeling.  It’s basically a cocktail, like having a scotch in the form of a beer.  It’s coffee and beer rolled into one, chewy yet smooth and slightly creamy with a lingering taste of toasted marshmallow.

From the Deliverance I moved on to some of the Port Brewing Company offerings.  I went on the hoppy side and enjoyed a Port Mongo, an imperial IPA (8.5% alcohol).  Bitter, bitter, bitter – just how I like it!  Very piny with citrus fruit notes and a bite at the end.

Finally I headed back to the world of stout with the Port Brewing Company’s Santa’s Little Helper, a Russian imperial stout (9.6% alcohol).  For a stout it’s on the bitter side – if you are looking for a stout that attacks your palette like an IPA then this is the one for you!

Regional craft breweries are thriving all over the United States and American brewers are getting more creative all the time, incorporating traditional brewing techniques while pushing the boundaries of interesting ingredients.  Here is an article that sums up the regional craft beer scene in the US, be sure to try some of your local fare.  If you live in the San Diego area you can still catch some beer week action through November 14th!

Prep time: 30 sec.

Tools: bottle opener, pint glass

Ingredients: A bottle of Lost Abbey Deliverance or your favorite local brew.

  1. Open the bottle.
  2. Pour into the glass.
  3. Enjoy!


Lost Abbey Stout