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Megan Chromik

Name: Megan ChromikMegan Chromik

Location: Somerville, MA (within walking distance of Boston)

Food Ideology: I try my best to eat local foods that are in season. Not only is this better for the environment and local farmers but the food just tastes better too. I shop mostly at Whole Foods, again because of taste quaility, but also because of trust. I know my fish won’t be genetically modified and my meat will be raised as humanely as possible. I would love to say I strictly follow this ideology, but winters in Boston don’t provide much in the way of produce and a trip to Whole Foods is not always feasible, so I stop into regular grocery stores on occasion as well.

Cooking Strategy: I’m a recipe follower. I try to get creative, but I almost always start out with a recipe for guidelines. Because I seek out recipes, I read tons of food blogs, cookbooks, and food magazines for inspiration.

First Cooking Memory: I remember getting a kids’ cookbook when I was little and making green eggs and ham from one of the recipes. All it took to turn the eggs green was a little food coloring, but when I presented the eggs to my mom, she wouldn’t eat them. I think I’ve tried to make more appetizing food from that point forward.

Handicap: Dirty dishes

Food Sources: Union Square Farmers Market (Somerville, MA), Charles Square Farmers Market (Cambridge, MA), Whole Foods (Cambridge, MA)

Cuisine I Can’t Live Without: Italian

Favorite Kitchen Tool: Baby offset spatula

Secret Ingredient: Sherry vinegar

Guilty Pleasure: Cheez-Its and brussels sprouts, not together

Milk or Dark: Definitely dark

Dogs or Cats: Dogs – we have a 100-pound chocolate lab!

Sauna or Steam: Steam

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 kitchen tools would you want to have with you?
Heavy rolling pin, chef’s knife, and a flame-proof skillet