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Kat Durant

Name: Kat Durant

Location: San Diego, CAKat Durant

Cocktail Ideology:   There is something to be said for the classics but we are lucky to be living in a new era where the cocktail is being redefined and rejuvenated and there is no end to the creativity.  Mixing Sake with Savignon Blanc wine wouldn’t have been a possibility before, now the combinations are only as unusual as your taste.

Cocktail Strategy: Keep it simple so that all the flavors show through. Balance is key, there’s nothing worse than cocktail that has 5 ingredients and all you can taste is the lemon.

First Cocktail Memory: Eating the cherries out of my father’s Manhattan

Handicap: Not enough hours in the day to enjoy cocktails!

Cocktail Inspiration: My garden, Imbibe Magazine.

Cocktail I Can’t Live Without: Simple vodka martini

Favorite Bar Tool: Muddler

Secret Ingredient: Ginger

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate liquors- very chilled and served in the perfect glass.

Milk or Dark: Dark

Dogs or Cats: Cats

Sauna or Steam: Sauna

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 bar tools would you want to have with you?

Garnish peeler, muddler, shaker