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Andrew States

Name:  Andrew StatesAndrew States

Location:  New York City

Cocktail Ideology:  Learn the rules before you break them.

Cocktail Strategy:  Strategy?

First Cocktail Memory:  My mom drinks one cocktail:  Beefeater on the rocks with an olive (a pitted olive), and a twist of lemon.  As a kid I remember several different occasions where a cowed server was banished back to the bar because they’d gotten one of the ingredients wrong.  I was always amazed that she was so specific.

Cocktail Inspiration:  My fellow bartenders.

Cocktail I can’t live without:  Whiskey and soda.

Favorite Bar Tool:  Shaker.

Secret Ingredient:  Blind luck.

Guilty Pleasure:  Irish Car Bombs.  The name is mildly offensive and it’s basically a drink reserved for obnoxious frat boys.

Milk or Dark:  Dark

Dogs or Cats:  Dogs.

Sauna or Steam:  Sauna I guess.  I don’t like spending time in public with my shirt off.

If you were stranded on a desert island what three bar tools would you want to have with you?

Knife, mixing glass, and a bar towel on the advice of Douglas Adams.