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Sarah-and-Brianna-RecipeRelayHi! We’re Brianna and Sarah, the founders of RecipeRelay, we’re so glad you stopped by to check out the Relay.  The seeds of RecipeRelay were planted while we were attending graduate school at Antioch University New England.  We were Green MBA students in an intensive program, spending a crazy 72 hours each month learning, living and breathing sustainable business.  We had similar eating habits and personal sustainability values, so we found common ground while making meals together.  Sarah had a dream of creating a cookbook where she started with one recipe and worked through variations to end up at a totally different meal by the end of the book.  She was chicken to start it by herself so she proposed to Brianna that they pool their cooking philosophies and common passion for educating others about sustainable food to create the cookbook online.  Living on opposite coasts, Sarah in New York City and Brianna in San Diego, added an extra challenge and exciting opportunity.  The result was RecipeRelay: a bi-coastal juxtaposition of seasonal food.  We began passing recipes back and forth, and writing about our personal adventures navigating our local food systems.  RecipeRelay is a live collection of unique recipes meant to inspire and encourage others to have fun eating seasonally and locally.  To find out how it works, visit our Rules page.  To start cooking visit our Recipe page.

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Sarah A. Maine

Sarah A. Maine, Co-Founder & Editor

Brianna Bain

Brianna Bain, Co-Founder & Editor